Flat Tempered & Heat Strengthening



Tempered glass is a kind of safe glass and the fragment of which does no harm to people. It is 4-5 times than the ordinary anneal glass. With a relatively low proportion of spontaneous breakage, heat strengthened glass retain in the frame after breakage because if the blocks that radiate to the edge of the glass. And this make the replacing of the glass more convenient.

Our Characteristics

Imported equipment of high quality and high value can make the surface of the tempered glass meet the needs of the strict requirement for architecture, furniture, electron industry. Compelled convection tempering machine makes the tempered glass without stripe of the stress, so that the sheets assembled on the curtain wall will be more transparent and beautiful. The temperable thickness of the glass range from 3mm to 25mm.

Scope of Applications

Sites with the facilities have the demand of strength and protection, such as glass wall, door, window, show window, bar-protection, folding screen.