Curved Laminated



Laminated glass is a kind of sale glass because of the fragment will stick to each other after being impinged. Besides, it can effectively prevent the hard object from penetration through the glass. Three or more sheets with two or more pieces of PVB will be used as theftproof and bulletproof glass. Laminated glass can block the ultraviolet radiation effectively by 99%, so that objects inside the room can be prevented from aging cause by the sunshine. People can enjoy the sunlight without worrying about being burnt by the ultraviolet radiation. Laminated glass can reduce the spread of sound.

Scope of applications

Site with a requirement of protection and anti-ultraviolet radiation, such as glass curtain wall, door and window, sunshade, elevator, for sightseeing, aquarium, etc.

Our Characteristics

Protection of PVB with good quality and equipment for dehumidification prevent the PVB from deteriorating, aging and discoloring. With more than on autoclave tunnel, big output makes the rapid replacing of products category.