Curved Insulating



Heat insulation. With a low coefficient of the heat exchange, the effective exchange of the heat will be prevented. The cost for energy (air conditioner, central heating, etc.) will be cut down accordingly. Sound insulation. The noise can be cut down by 30-45db. With the use of the insulation glass assembled on the doors and windows, a quiet and cozy environment for work and rest will still even if you are in the downtown area with busy traffic. Dew insulation. Insulating glass keeps good perspective property without dew or mist even at the temperature below -450C. Insulating glass cam be made with the compounding of several functional sheets to enhance capability, such as tempered insulating glass, laminated insulating glass, curved insulating glass, Low-E insulating glass, insulating glass with coating and TEC electric coating insulating glass, etc.

Scope of Applications

The curtain wall, door, window, icebox that have the requirement for insulation of heat and sound.