Coconut Charcoal is one of many products made from coconuts. It is used in various applications; most notably coconut charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel and also used as a premium source for charcoal-fired barbecue cooking.
Coconut Charcoal Sticks begin as coconut shells that are heated in a low oxygen level environment that transforms them into carbon. Then it is crushed and mixed with a food grade tapioca as the natural binding agent. It is then pressed into its final shape with hydraulic presses that make a strong, high-density product.

Our Coconut Sticks have a unique hexagonal shape. They burn smokeless, odorless, and, best of all, they are non-toxic. They burn hotter with no sparks, leave behind little ash, and have a longer burning time (3-5 hours) compared to regular charcoal. So there is no need to add additional charcoal from time-to-time while cooking all your favorite barbecue food.

Coconut charcoal is more economical than conventional charcoal, allowing you to save time and money. With its superior cooking properties, it’s a great choice for indoor restaurant applications as well as outdoor uses. We encourage you to try our products to see for yourself the difference coconut charcoal makes. It’s the premium choice for professionals and amateurs alike!

Why Coconut?

Our Coconut Charcoal Sticks are made from 100% natural charcoal. Moreover we only use fully dried and mature shells to create a truly premium grade coconut charcoal. After the carbonization process is complete, the shells are compressed using high-pressure mechanical presses that produce a high-density grade product for a long lasting burn. With its high-density and strength, our charcoal sticks will not break down and turn to powder while in storage or transit.

Our Charcoal Sticks are all natural with no harmful chemicals added and are eco-friendly compared to ordinary charcoal.