How many times have you tried to grill some steak or chicken on that reliable old grill, only be disappointed that it was dried it out every single time? Then you ask yourself why isn’t my meat tender and juicy, rest assured, it’s a very common occurrence to end up with a dry and seared result.

Here are some tips on how to grill the meat properly, based on our experience when grilling with Coconut Charcoal Sticks. When starting the grilling process, use only a few charcoal sticks about 8-10 pieces of sticks can cook about 1 ½ kilo of chicken thighs, 1 ½ kilo of pork chops and 2 pieces of tilapia fish. The approximated cooking time of the meat was about 2 hours. Typically, the temperature reaches as high as 650°F, which is 300 °F above is suitable for grilling. We used a medium heat during the grilling process so that can create a juicy and tenderness of the meat.

Using too high of heat will cause some parts to cook too quickly and dry out, while other parts are not done all the way through. Thicker meat should be farther away from the heat source. Use a lower temperature to prevent burning, so that the inside of the meat is properly cooked. Don’t flip the meat over again and again, simply flip the meat once or twice leaving it to caramelize, then flip it. To add more flavor, marinate the meat, it can be a good aid in preventing it from drying out while grilling. The most important thing is you must watch carefully during the grilling process, so you don’t overcook your meat.